Engels praatgroep TE

26/1/2018 Today Gilbert presented an article on Medical research on feces… And Bart took us on a rally and learned us how we have to read the maps.

19/1/2018 We listened what we did during the past week and played the surname game, while having a drink for the New Year.

12/1/2018 We listened to each other’s New Year’s resolutions and read an article from the news site Flanders Today.

15/12/2017 We talked about our activities during the past week and listened to an article Gilbert presented about men and flu. Then we learned some vocabulary for the Christmas holidays.

8/12/2017 After our weekly comments on the things we did, we watched some funny movies at the youtube channel Secrets of Bruges. After the break we played Dixit.

24/11/2017 Today we talked about Thanksgiving, the national holiday in the US. We did this quiz, we watched this video with some interesting facts, and we looked at the story of Thanksgiving, told by Plymouth Rock.

17/11/2017 Gilbert started with an interesting article, as he does every week. We all talked about our weekend. We continued with the colour idioms and had a look at the blog. We ended with a smashing sketch about an Englishman who plays Risk…

10/11/2017 Today, we talked about idiomatic expressions using colours. Want to learn more? Have a look at My English teacher.

13/10/2017 You talked a lot today: you were divided in small groups of 3. Each group received a bunch of questions, meant to start a conversation. After the break, we switched teams, so you could continue with new team members. You did very well!

6/10/2017 Today we got to know each other by playing a long conversation game: speed dating. It was very nice to meet you!