Engels 6 SV

26/1/2018 We started with the correction of ex. 3 at p. 44 in the student’s book and made ex. 5 and the ‘talking about you’ part as well. In our workbook we made ex. 15. We ended with ex. 1 Everyday English in the SB p. 45. You can prepare ex. 16-17 in the workbook by next week.

19/1/2018 Today we corrected ex. 10 at p. 35 of the workbook and p. 36-37 ex. 13 of the student’s book. We also made p. 44 of the SB.

12/1/2018 Happy New Year to you! Today we talked about our New Year’s Resolutions and we had a look at the facebook page of CVO Creo Engels. We also made ex. 6 in our student’s book. Next week we’ll start with ex. 10 at p. 35 of our workbook and then p. 36-37 ex. 13 of the student’s book.

15/12/2017 Today we talked a lot about last week (and the snowstorm on Monday). Then we checked our homework. And after the coffee break we learned some words and expressions for the Christmas period. songs: Twelve Days of Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Don’t forget to prepare your New Year’s Resolutions and enjoy your holidays!

8/12/2017 We worked in our student’s book: p. 41, p. 42-43 ex. 1-5. By next week you can prepare ex. 6 at your student’s book.

24/11/2017 We checked the homework you prepared at p. 34 of your workbook. Then we had a look at p. 41 in our student’s book. and you did an exercise at p. 151&153 of the student’s book. We talked about Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Homework for next time: read the text in the student’s book at p.42-43 and make ex. 3&4.

17/11/2017 First of all, you told about your last week. Then we listened to your plans for the future. We had a look at p. 40 in our student’s book and p. 140 (grammar). As homework, you may prepare p. 34 in the workbook.

10/11/2017 Would you like to learn more about verb patterns? Watch this video from an Italian English teacher. Or if you prefer some further explanation with exercises, have a look at this website. At the start of our lesson today, we talked about our last weekend. We corrected the homework: workbook p. 32 + we made p. 33 ex. 2/3/4/5. In our student’s book we made ex. 2-4 at p. 39 and saw ex. 2 p. 109. By next week, you can make ex. 1 at p. 109.

13/10/2017 Today we continued in our student’s book: p. 39 grammar spot + p. 140 & 158. We also did ex. 3 at p. 38 and ex. 1 at p. 39. Could you make pages 32 and 33 in your workbook by next time?

6/10/2017 Today we got to know each other with a conversation game: speed dating! You did very well. Afterwards, we started unit 5 in our student’s book, p. 38 ex. 1-2.