Engels 7 ZB

19/2/2018 We did ex. 5-6 at p. 72 SB. In the WB we did ex. 1/2 p. 49 and ex. 1/2/4 p. 50. By next week, you can prepare ex. 3 WB p. 50.

29/1/2018 We did p. 71 in the SB + ex. 4 at p. 72. We watched a video on facebook (ICU grandpa) and I presented you our new facebook page: CVO Creo Engels.

22/1/2018 We started unit 9: SB p. 70-71 (grammar spot) and p. 138. To end the class, we played the ‘name game’.

15/1/2018 We made ex. 2/3/4 in the SB p. 69. You presented your visit to the doctor’s office (speaking exercise). And we did ex. 14-15 in the WB p. 48.

4/12/2017 We started with an activity on making compounds, playing dominoes. Then we checked your homework (workbook p. 48 ex. 14-15) and we made ex. 1 at p. 69 in the student’s book. You can prepare ex. 2 at p. 69 of the student’s book.

20/11/2017 We checked our homework (ex. 11/12 at p. 47 of the workbook) and we continued in our student’s book at p. 68. We did ex. 1-5. We ended with a little game to make compound words. Homework for next class is p. 48 in the workbook.

13/11/2017 First of all, we had a look at p. 64. Then we did a vocabulary exercise with crosswords. In our student’s book we made ex. 1-4 (p. 66-67). By next week you may make ex. 11-12 at p. 47 of your workbook.

6/11/2017 We started with the correction of the exercises in the workbook p. 45. We went on with the student’s book, p. 64-65 and p. 136-137. By next week you can look at p. 64 in your student’s book (“What do you think?”)

16/10/2017 First we looked at the homework you made in the workbook p. 44. Next, we continued at p. 64 of the student’s book. Homework by next class is p. 45 of your workbook. I also showed you my blog and some interesting websites. Next time we’ll see each other is at the 6th of November! Have a nice break.

9/10/2017 Today we continued in our student’s book: ex. 3 + grammar spot, p. 63 ex. 2/3/4 and p. 136. In the workbook we made exercises 1 and 2. Could you prepare the exercises in the workbook at p. 44 by next week please?

2/10/2017 Dear students, welcom in the 7the year of English! Today we started with a conversation exercise to get to know each other. Afterwards we started in our book: unit 8 SB p. 62, starter-ex. 2.

Could you prepare ex. 3 at p. 62 by next week please?