Engels 5 TE

19/2/2018 We made ex. 3 at p. 16 in the SB. In the workbook we made a lot of exercises: 11 ex. 1/2/3 – p. 12 ex. 4/5 – p. 13 ex. 6/7 – p. 16 ex. 1/2/3.. We also did p. 105 in the SB. By next week you can make this in the workbook: p. 12 ex. 3 – p. 13 ex. 8 – p. 16 ex. 4.

29/1/2018 We did these exercises in our student’s book: p. 15-16 ex. 1/2/4 and the grammar spot at p. 136-137.

22/1/2018 We made ex. 3/4 at p. 7 of the workbook and ex. 10 at p. 8. In our student’s book we ended unit 1 with ex. 1/2 at p. 13. We started unit 2: SB p. 14 ex. 1-3.

15/1/2018 Today we talked about our New Year’s Resolutions. We made ex. 3/4/6/7/8 in our student’s book, p. 10. Also p. 12. In our workbook at p. 7 we made ex. 1/2.

11/12 In our student’s book we did exercises 1/4/5 at p. 9. After the coffee break, I presented you some vocabulary exercises regarding the Christmas holidays.

4/12/2017 Today we checked ex. 1 at p. 8 in the student’s book. We continued in the workbook ex. 4-6-7-8. Then we continued in the student’s book: ex. 3-6 p. 8 + ex. 1 p. 9. By next week you can prepare ex. 5 at p. 5 in the workbook.

20/11/2017 We made ex. 7 at p. 7 and had a look at the grammar at p. 136. In the workbook we made ex. 1/2/3 at p. 4. As homework you can make the revision test of unit 14 (send me a mail if you don’t have it).

13/11/2017 Today I gave you a list of some phrasal verbs. If you want a longer list, have a look over here. We corrected the homework you prepared: SB p. 109 ex. 2 + WB p. 67 ex. 7 & p. 68 ex. 10. We did a listening exercise. I showed you my blog. And we ended unit 14 (student’s book p. 110-11). Finally we started our new book and made ex. 1 at p. 6.

6/11/2017 First of all we corrected the homework you made during the holidays. We continued in our student’s book: p. 108 n°1-2 + grammar 14.2 p. 147 + p. 109 n°1 + p. 110 n°1. In our workbook we made ex. 5/6/9 (p. 67-68). Can you make ex. 2 (student’s book p. 109) and ex. 7 and 10 (workbook p. 67-68) by next week?

16/10/2017 Today we started with the correction of our homework: ex. 4 in the copies and workbook p. 66 ex. 3.2 and p. 67 ex. 4. We saw p. 113 in the student’s book (At the airport) and ended with a speaking exercise. The next time we’ll see each other is on the 6th of November! I gave you 5 pages of homework in additional copies. Have a nice break! Interesting sites: verbix – cities in English

9/10/2017 Today we continued in unit 14: in the student’s book we did the exercises on p. 107-108 (ex. 4) + the grammar spot. We also looked at the grammar at p. 158 and at soms extra copies I distributed. In the workbook we made ex. 1-3 at p. 65. By next week, could you prepare ex. 4 in the copies and workbook p. 66 ex. 3.2 and p. 67 ex. 4.

2/10/2017 Welcome in the 5th year of English! Today, we started with some speed-dating to get to know each other… Afterwards, we started unit 10: SB p. 106-107 ex. 1-5.